Develop a profitable business
you’re passionate about!

Use my network, resources & knowledge to expand to your next level. 

All while connecting with others – just like us – in a mastermind-style community where you’ll be seen, supported & encouraged. 

Plus the accountability that comes from hiring a professional life & business coach.

Before you make it, you’ve gotta get serious about how you show up.

This is one of those life lessons it took me a while to get. 

I thought that if I had a vision… I could talk about it on social media. Find my people. Make a few sales & I’d be golden.

Turns out it doesn’t work like that. At all.

There’s a real art & science to excel not just in business – but also in life. 

The truth is… you can’t separate them from each other. 

How you do anything is how you do everything.
This A-HA moment revolutionized everything.

With this knowledge, I was able to expand to my next level.

  • I skyrocketed my biz growth – I quit wasting all my time in the weeds & started working ON the #1 thing that really matters… mindset. 

  • I discovered brand new energy & motivation – when I stopped putting myself last & began treating my body as my most valuable asset.

  • I landed incredible opportunities I never dreamed of – because I quit spending all my time with naysayers & people who didn’t get my vision. 

Instead, I surrounded myself with a network of entrepreneurs, leaders & big thinkers who got me – supporting me with the strategies, resources & coaching I needed to get to that next level.

For me, next level looked like going from 5 figures to 7 figures in annual income. 

So we could travel as a family, splurge when we wanted & outsource household shiz (like cleaning & meal prep).

Your next level may look different.
Get to YOUR Next Level

Maybe your next level is being able to confidently call yourself an entrepreneur because your biz isn’t costing you money each month. 

Maybe it’s generating enough cash to enroll your kids in summer camp – giving them memories & friendships they’ll treasure for a lifetime. 

Maybe it’s treating yourself to that purse from your fav designer– as proof you have what it takes to make great money by following your passion.



is the secret to achieving anything you want in life.

Which means hacking your habits.

“Thrilled to be part of the tribe. I never thought my life would change like this & we are only at the beginning!”

— Pamela Wilson
Become a Habit Hacker

As a Habit Hacker, you gain access to an interactive, engaging & supportive online group for smart, busy professionals & creatives.

Here’s what you get inside Habit Hackers:

Live Coaching with Me

Weekly live group coaching sessions with me. Hot seat-style help where you get my eyes on your life & biz – so you can catapult your results.

Your New biz besties

Access an exclusive, private, online network of like-minded professionals working toward their profitable next level – just like you.

Monthly Clear, 
Focused goals

Peak your performance with exclusive toolkits with my biz strategies, life tips & wellness hacks – plus a downloadable Habit Tracker, so you can track your progress month over month.

My Handpicked
guest experts

Each month I handpick guest experts to share their expertise in functional areas like business growth strategies, online marketing & productivity who will train you LIVE.

Bonus: Welcome Pack

Increase your biz performance right away with your Bonus Welcome Pack ($49 value):

  • Success Blueprint – get the most out of your Habit Hacker membership based on your particular goals.

  • Social Media Caption Guide – turn your words into hyper-compelling messages that attract your ideal clients or customers.

  • Affirmation Cards – to keep you motivated, centered & intentional every day as you expand to your next level. 
 Here's How to Join: 
Monthly Member
Habit Hackers
Cancel anytime
Renews each month

Annual Member
Habit Hackers
Get 2 months free
Paid upfront

BONUS: Healthy Habits & Holistic Happiness Course ($97 Value)
I want this to be completely risk free for you so here's my guarantee

Whether you pay in full or month-to-month, you can cancel at any time. There are no strings attached. 

This is how strongly I believe in Habit Hackers. It has that kind of power to truly change your life & biz (one habit at a time).
In Habit Hackers, you'll gain access to premium, exclusive content, resources & connections you won't get elsewhere.

Imagine what it will be like when you take the first step & say yes to your own success…

  • You can finally show up confidently in your biz – knowing what steps to take in order to profitably grow.
  • You become more present, mindful & self-assured – both at home & at work.
  • You have the right tools at your fingertips to become more productive – the goals you set for yourself actually happen. Plus your time is used efficiently & effectively. 
  • You attract new opportunities – because you strengthen your network with new people who can broaden your horizons & introduce you to new ventures.

“Hayley’s coaching isn't theoretical. She literally walks her talk which makes her coaching highly effective & real. She has a lot to offer the serious entrepreneur that wants to lead a juicy, fun, meaningful life on her own terms.”

– Gladys Hedaya
Let’s Answer Some Questions

How exactly does this membership work?
Habit Hackers is a membership that works on a subscription model. You can choose between annual access or monthly access. With annual, you'll commit to 12 months up front. As an annual member, you'll receive 2 months free as part of your commitment (based on the a la carte monthly rate). If you choose the monthly option, you'll receive access to Habit Hackers each month. You can cancel at any time, regardless of which plan you choose. Simply email us at to make adjustments to your membership.

What’s in the Mastermind Upgrade?
When you upgrade to a Mastermind level membership, you’ll receive direct access to me during your time as a Habit Hacker. Get unlimited 1:1 “pocket coaching” with me via Voxer (a free voice & text app). You can upgrade your membership to “Mastermind” level for an additional $99 per month. This is available to both monthly & annual members. You can cancel your Mastermind membership at any time & still remain a monthly or annual member.

What if I change my mind?
You are eligible to receive a full refund if I do not deliver what I said I'd deliver. Please note: you will need to demonstrate evidence of your engagement with the content in order to receive a complete refund.

How will I access the membership?
Your monthly content — Zoom links to live calls, the magazine, bonuses & other downloads — will be available on our platform. You'll receive your login information for this platform in your purchase confirmation email. Community interaction will take place inside our private Facebook group.